How to Improve Your SaaS Conversion Rates

How to Increase SaaS Conversion Rates: 16 Effective Ways

By improving your SaaS conversion rates, you can increase your customer base and scale your tech company more quickly than you thought possible. Conversion rate optimization will also help you maximize your return on marketing investment, or ROMI. 

Making changes to your website, sales processes, email campaigns, and landing pages can help boost conversions. While these four channels work together, each needs to be analyzed separately. To start, define the benchmarks you would like to measure against for these channels. Then, you can work toward aligning them for a seamless customer journey. 

By implementing the following tips below, you can increase SaaS conversion rates to effectively reach your business goals. Continue reading to see our best practices for optimizing website, sales, email, and landing page conversion rates.

Increasing Website Conversion Rates

1. Analyze your website's current conversion funnel

How are you leading customers through your website? What are the steps they go through and are they clear? Outline this process to make sure there are no obvious roadblocks or dead-ends you are inadvertently sending them to.

Likewise, do you lose visitors at specific points on your website? There will always be some drop-offs in a sales funnel, but understanding where and why they occur will help you improve your average SaaS conversion rates. Review your current metrics to get a sense of where users take action and where they leave.

2. Take a look at your competition

A competitor analysis will reveal what UX strategies might work for your site. Investigate how successful competitors automate their conversions. Do they make sense, or can they be improved? This exercise will help you come up with new ideas, or rather, show you what not to do. 

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3. Clearly state your value proposition

Your website should immediately convey who you are and how your SaaS product can benefit users. If users can't see the value immediately, their only option is to leave, which results in lower conversion rates. Testing is especially important at this time. Experimenting with different headlines, copy, and design can help you gauge how well your site engages visitors.

4. Collect information about your visitors

Develop user personas based on quantifiable data to understand your ideal customers' preferences for navigating your website. Pay attention to your site’s traffic sources to discover where visitors come from. Invest in navigation tracking tools and heat maps for a sense of how customers interact with your pages. Together, all of this data informs where to direct your optimization efforts. 

Increasing Sales Conversion Rates

5. Explore the benefits of live chat

Chat is an effective tool for engaging buyers in a particular stage of the buyer's journey and improving SaaS conversion rates. In one site visit, you can deliver answers and contextual info in real-time. Incorporate live chat on certain areas of your website, such as your product or service pages, FAQ pages, or policy pages — based on where users are most likely to need assistance.

6. Don’t be afraid of outbound tactics

Who says outbound marketing is outdated? Many SaaS companies see positive results when including outbound strategies alongside their inbound marketing. Cold emails are one of the most effective ways to connect with audiences you have not yet reached. Messaging that helps to build trust and introduce your brand can have great results when sent to a targeted prospect list. Connecting with prospects through LinkedIn messaging is also a great way to build relationships.

7. Align your marketing and sales teams

Sales and marketing tend to generate the most revenue; by aligning them, you can increase their efficiency and success even further. Disjointed teams can lead to wasted resources and a poor customer experience. Begin by working with both teams together to develop a single customer journey that does not have separate silos. Track joint KPIs, take customer feedback seriously, and implement the right marketing tech to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

8. Perfect your demos and the booking process

The industry average demo-to-conversion rate is 26%. By perfecting the demo process start to finish, you can raise this conversation rate significantly. Your website's most visible pages should include several booking CTAs, typically on service pages and homepage hero. 

Prior to the demo, speak with your clients very clearly about their needs and motivations. Solutions to these should be provided in the demonstration, so they are not left wanting more and searching for answers elsewhere. Don't waste their time discussing features they don't need. Keep the demo focused and, as always, provide exactly what they are looking for.

Increasing Email Conversion Rates

9. Optimize for mobile

The number of emails being opened on mobile devices is predicted to hit 46% in 2022, so optimizing for mobile is a necessity. When creating email campaigns, utilize responsive templates, keep the copy brief, include a single image, and emphasize the CTA.

10. Hyper-targeting is key

When trying to increase SaaS conversion rates, don't send the same email to every contact in your database. The messaging and value presented in the email should be different based on the industry, company size, whether it’s B2B or B2C, and the product features you are promoting. You will have a higher success rate if you segment your lists and tailor your messaging accordingly. 

11. Include your LinkedIn profile

A professional email signature helps you expand your network and build trust, especially when introducing yourself for the first time. For clients who are not quite ready to purchase, mention that you'd like to connect with them on LinkedIn. Doing so will keep your name top of mind, but only if you maintain your LinkedIn profile and post regularly.

12. Add social proof

Your website likely lists the major companies that are using your SaaS, so be sure to mention them in your emails too. When sending cold emails, this is especially important. As a result, you create the impression that your product is indeed valuable by showing evidence that other companies are using it as well.

Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates

13. Keep the page simple

For a higher SaaS landing page conversion rate it pays to keep the design simple. When a lead reaches your landing page, don't overwhelm them with a lot of steps to complete and copy to read. In this digital age, the landing page should be short and straight to the point. The form on the page should also be simple and not ask for unnecessary information, such as a physical address.

14. Use conversion-oriented design

The overall design should be minimal, as you don’t want to distract from the page’s purpose and CTA. When viewing on a desktop, the copy, form, and any graphics should be centrally placed in order to minimize scrolling for the user. 

15. Write copy that nurtures

Along with the design, the copy must be done right for an impactful result. Having been exposed to your services, the user is now ready to get in touch. Therefore, this is not the time to add new information, mention other services, or include anything else that might cause the user to move away from the landing page. Because they are already interested in the service offered, provide relevant copy that confirms their interest.

16. Emphasize value with a testimonial

Including a testimonial is a great way to reiterate the value the user is about to receive. Provide the most impressive testimonial you have that shows measurable results and explains how the company benefited from your service. Consider a testimonial from a reputable brand, if possible.

Do You Know Your Company’s SaaS Conversion Rates?

A great marketing strategy begins with knowing your tech company's conversion rates in comparison to the industry standard. In order to improve your marketing efforts and achieve higher ROMI, we can assist with seeing the bigger picture. This is where a conversion rate optimization audit can prove helpful. 

In addition to our in-depth audits across all marketing and sales departments and processes, we help companies create and refine their strategies to deliver the success and results they require. After implementing our tips, schedule a consultation with us to learn more about our auditing process and how to get started.


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